Thursday, December 14, 2006

Making Mini sleeves

Sue over on asked how I made the mini-sleeves. Just like a big sleeve really. I cut the strips 2 inches wide if my memory serves me right (it was only a week ago - my brain must be on holiday). I turned under the short edges and stitched. Then I folded them in half and stitched down the long length. I didn't turn them inside out though. I pressed the seam open and I cut 3/4 inch (again, if my apparently rapidly-fading memory is working properly!) strips of vlisofix and fused them on the back of the strip along the pressed-open seam line. The sleeve was then fused to the quilt back. I then hand stitched the sleeves to the back of the quilt along the long edge, pulling it up a bit as I went so that some fullness would be created to accommodate the wooden strips. And I stitched the narrow ends as well so there would be only one opening to slide the wood into. Clear as mud?

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Shelina said...

I've never thought to fuse a sleeve down, but it makes sense to me!